Meet the Dogs:

Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers (Westies)

TheraPets of Indiana, Inc. uses Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers (Westies). Terriers are sensible, confident, independent, but friendly dogs. Alert, intelligent and long-lived, they seem to have an inborn affinity for children. They are intelligent, quick to learn and surprisingly sensitive.

Cairn Terriers may be of any color, except white, while the Westies have a beautiful, shiny white coat and bright, button eyes, shaggy eyebrows and a black nose. The Terriers’ size makes them great for a therapy dog, as they can curl up and snuggle in the arms of even the youngest patients.

Currently, TheraPets of Indiana, Inc. has fourteen working dogs and three in training. The original team includes Molly, MacIntosh (“Big Mac”), Maggie Mae, Lilly, Stella, Lucy, Ethel, and Charlotte who are all still active.

All of the dogs are trained to provide therapy in all areas in hospital, nursing home, school, and home settings. Although each dog is adaptable to all situations, each also has their own specialty areas as well.

Molly, a Cairn, specializes in coma, intensive care, and hospice care; MacIntosh and Ethel, also Cairns, specialize in intensive care, bereavement, hospice and critical care.

Maggie Mae, a Cairn, specializes in rehabilitation and adult and pediatric mental health. Lilly, Lucy, and Charlotte, all Westies, specialize in coma, critical and intensive care, bereavement, hospice care, and rehabilitation. Stella, a Westie, specializes in coma, critical and intensive care and bereavement.